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MICHAEL KIES is renowned as one of Australia's top real estate salespeople. He was awarded top salesperson for Weeks and Macklin Real Estate, then for five consecutive years he was awarded top salesperson for L.J. Hooker, for the SA/NT region for his incredible sales results. He then went on to be awarded top salesperson for the Northern Region by R.E.I.S.A.(SA) for 2 years. Finally Michael was awarded the highly acclaimed title of top salesperson internationally for L.J. Hooker.

In 1995, Michael chose to become an independent agent. He began trading as Kies Real Estate. Every month, for the next 16 years, Michael personally made large numbers of sales. He averaged over 11 sales per month throughout his career. He was once described as "a selling machine".

In 2008 Michael was diagnosed with leukemia. After years of treatment he decided to sell his real estate office and pursue his growing passion – helping sales people to reach their full potential. Michael believes that all sales people are capable of doing what he did – making large numbers of sales in less time. Now Michael travels across Australia sharing his secrets to sales success.


UNREASONABLE -THE POWER OF EXPECTATIONS is Michael Kies' first book. Michael Kies is proof that when life presents us with challenges it's the unreasonable person who makes progress and thrives.
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THE MICHAEL KIES TRAINING MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is one of Australia's most comprehensive real estate training courses online. It teaches real estate agents how to increase sales by putting in place a detailed plan. Michael Kies then shares the successful sales strategies that he used to be a high performing real estate agent; from basic selling skills, prospecting and listing presentation techniques to advanced objection handling techniques and sales closing questions. Learn about the Michael Kies Training Membership Program now...

THE MAKE MORE SALES AUDIO PROGRAM is a real estate agent course covering the following topics; The fundamentals of real estate sales, finding listings, sales strategies for winning the listing, strategies for handling price reductions, and sales techniques for closing the sale. Michael Kies shows you a steo-by-step guide to increased sales figures and overall tips on how to sell real estate at a higher level. Learn more about the Michael Kies Make Mores Audio Program now...

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